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Frequestly asked questions

The minimum term is just 1 month
You get up to 4 builds per month. You can have all of these builds at the beginning of your service agreement or as you go along. For example, if you sign for a 12-month service, you can have all 48 templates at the beginning of the service.
You can create as many graphics as you want, there is no limit. And you can use them on any social media or digital channels that you own as a brand
You can have an unlimited number of users. We encourage as large a team as possible to maximise the value and usage of PS to your brand. Each user gets their own account credentials and login and create graphics simultaneously
Yes, by default there would be two physical templates added to your account, but this only counts as 1 template in your allocation.
Every template created is started from a blank screen, so you can prescribe the size and shape you would prefer. We will of course advise if you would like. But you can provide for social medial channels, website blogs or even stadium screens
Yes, every template starts with a blank screen, and is built with your brand guidelines
Yes, it varies from client to client, but we can do the design for you, or you can submit us your designs on PSD format for us to build into the platform
We take up to three business days to build a template individually. Or if you are having a full campaign of templates done, we can turn around in 1 – 2 weeks, depending on the volume of them. We advise giving yourself an extra week of active testing and feedback reporting to perfect any tweaks with us for a campaign.
Yes, we can connect to any data feed that has access to it, such as live sport stats or betting odds information. If you have a license with a data provider, then we can integrate this into your graphics at no extra cost.
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